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My name is Mars, and before anything else, I am a creator. I am a sculptor, a photographer, a filmmaker, a writer, and a builder of worlds. I consider domination an extension of my artistic practice; my crops, my chains, my hands are the tools, and your body and mind are the medium. A scene with me is exhilarating and unpredictable and always catered to the experience of the sub. 

My title is Mistrexx. The Xs in this word represent one of the most important aspects of my identity–– I am a non-binary transgender person. I was assigned female at birth and discovered later in life that I exist somewhere outside of the binary. I take testosterone to deepen my voice, grow wisps of hair on my face, and strengthen my muscles, but my personal style and attitude are firmly rooted in femme aesthetics. My gender is curious and enigmatic; you have never experienced a human quite like me.

Navigating the Body

My greatest passion in life is finding and creating new forms of intimacy between human bodies. My background as an artist is filled with many tactile mediums, including performance art + movement, sculpture, body prosthetics, and machine tattooing. With each new submissive I meet, I am committed to learning the nuances of their physical and emotional being; I carefully curate inventive sensations and scenarios that pulls them into subspace and into the deepest parts of me. Upon resurfacing, the sub's ego will have been completely destroyed and reborn with a newfound understanding of their body, their desires, and their very existence.

Additionally, as a queer person, I am very empathetic to the complexity of each submissive's gender and sexuality. I love to work with subs interested in role-playing or mind-games involving gender or sexuality and believe that BDSM scenes can be a powerful tool for unlocking and embracing forms of queerness deeply embedded in oneself.

With all this in mind, my sessions heavily feature sensation play and over-stimulation, building up to the submissive's highest limits of pain, and involve intensive aftercare which includes reflection on the psychological implications of the session. With each meeting, you will learn more about yourself.


scenes / sensations

These are the activities I am currently the most excited about:

  • Fluid play (spit, piss, cum, blood)

  • Cutting, needle play, and wet-cupping

  • Excisions: torture by the extraction of zits, blackheads, or clogged pores with dermatological tools.

  • Waxing torture (the removal of body hair via hot wax strips)

  • Over-saturation: Sploshing, gunge, especially with edible sweets

Other activities include:

• Impact
• Scratching / biting
• Electro-play (TENS unit, Violet Wand)
• Chain bondage
• Foot worship / bootlicking (my top favorite)
• Feminization / Sissification
• Bimbofication
• Humiliation / degradation
• Impossible tasks (servicing by cleaning, sorting, organizing, with inevitable failure).
• Puppy play
• Mommy / Daddy roleplay

I take immense pleasure in learning about an individual's kinks, no matter how filthy or embarrassing, so please submit any requests that are not listed here.

I find empowerment in being worshipped as my authentic self–– a femme-presenting Goddexx vacillating between femininity and masculinity.

I believe in the healing power of complete and total submission.

Come join me in learning the roots of your desire and discovering who you are as a submissive at the core of your being.

Much love,


Twitter: @mistrexxxx
Find me on www.dickievirgin.com at mistrexxmars


**In addition to this form, I require a preliminary phone call before the session in order to talk more in depth about interests and limitations. If outcall is requested, estimated cab fare will be factored into the deposit.

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